Talent Strategy of

1. For talents who are searching for career opportunities: we offer you a career path from an ordinary employee to a key employee, and further toa senior business professional.

2. For talents with strong work capacity, management ability and professional quality: we hope you can bring your good methods and experience to promote the development our company. 

3. For talents who are independent, ambitious and want to start their own business: we offer you greater opportunities to realize your dream with human and financial resources. Prove to yourself and people around you that you are potent with your successful career and wealth and gain honor from the society.

4. For those who do not want a plain life, no matter you do technology, sales or support service, we offer you opportunities to travel through the country, to visit every province, hundreds of cities and famous mountains, thousands of lakes and attractions, and to try tens of thousands of local flavors. You can broaden your horizon, enrich your life and have an optimistic attitude towards life while getting income and achieving your career.

If you love sales and Internet industry, and have a dream to build a career, if you think is the right job for you, come and join us! HR

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Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Address: F-2010, Mingyuehuadu, Dayi Square, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangzhou Province, China

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